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T. Kalasalingam – Founder – Anands Group

T. Kalasalingam popularly called as “Kalvivallal" is a veteran freedom fighter, hailed from a humble weaver’s family in S. Ramachandrapuram, near krishnankoil of Virudhunagar District.

After completing his school education here, he got his bachelor degree in commerce through correspondence course. He was employed in khadi craft and latter in India post. Latter he migrated to Chennai, where he established himself in real estate business. His first project was built in Krishnasamy Avenue around 1968. Later he provided homes for many people and completed close to one hundred buildings around Chennai City. Still not satisfied with his goals, he wanted to educate the people living around his hometown - He first setup Kalasalingam Polytechnic at Krishnan koil in 1984 with an aim to provide quality education to the rural masses.

The founding philosophy of the Institutes is to “Empower youth” for development through technology. Later through the years he established Institutions like Arts & Science College, Pharmacy College, ITI, Teacher Training College, B.Ed College, Architecture and Engineering colleges. He also established an International school for the benefit of employers of the campus and rural areas around. In 2006 A.K.Engineering College became Kalasalingam deemed University.

Kalasalingam University introduced a unique Engineering course for the differently abled speech and hearing impaired, which is the first of its kind in whole of Asia. He passed away 2014, after his proved sustainable experience in Educations, Building constructions and Social services.

Vision Mission

This is one of the attributes that have helped the company to remain competitive and make profits even during harsh economic environment. The management team has put in place professionalism standards and code of ethics that all employees are required to obliged to. You are assured of transparent, diligence, unbiased, and timely completion of the project. Also, the personnel can give you insights on the right construction design and materials to use to get maximum returns from your investment.
Technology has revolutionized how construction companies operate. As, Anand Builders we are keen to embrace and incorporate modern equipment and construction techniques in our scope. This greatly helps us to deliver quality services to our clients consistently. For instance, by investing in new equipment, we manage complete projects as per the agreed time frame as well as maintain high safety standards in and around the construction site.
The government has put in place organizations whose primary mandate is to ensure that only companies that have the skills, expertise, and equipment offer construction services to clients. Only those that meet the set thresholds are issued with accreditation documents such as a license. We pride ourselves for been one of the legally accredited construction companies and pioneers of the now lucrative and globally recognized Chennai construction industry. Hence, you are guaranteed a top quality service that resonate with your specifications and budget.

Affordable Price sometimes hinders clients from contracting projects to construction companies. In response to this, we worked smart and hard to come up with some service packages that are affordable and ideal for all levels of customers. Our team will work cordially with you to come up with a comprehensive quote to help you make the necessary financial plans. We also offer deals such as discounts that you can take advantage of to save money for other income generating activities.
Using our proven skills and expertise, we are able provide construction services in various industries such as real estate, information technology, education and many more. No project is too small or too large for us.
Contact our able customer support team for more information about our services. We will not only meet your requirements but also surpass your expectations.
This is another major factor that gives us a higher cutting-edge in the market. As mentioned earlier, we have been providing affordable housing and construction services since 1968. We have an in-depth understanding of the various construction methods and designs. Hence, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands and will be completed as per the stipulated construction regulations.


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